The virtual reality world has opened up a whole lot of possibilities in the last few years. As you know by now, watching porn or anything from a standard monitor is, for lack of a better word, a bit flat. For the porn connoisseur, having a good VR headset can mean a whole world and then some more. If you are reading this article, then that’s probably because you have been looking for the best VR headset to indulge in your dirty pastime or whatever. Well, the good news is there are a few options, which depending on your budget should help you explore your imaginations.

This, of course, brings us to the million dollar question: what are some of the best VR headsets in 2019? The answer is, there are several of them, and because ThePornDude is feeling sufficiently philanthropic, how about I give you the lowdown on each of them?

Sony PlayStation VR

It doesn’t matter what you want to indulge in; the Sony PlayStation VR headset is exceptionally comfortable. It is lightweight and designed in a way that its weight spreads from front to the back of the head. This sets it apart from other headsets that fit like a ski mask. I won’t mention names. Comfort in the headset should be your primary concern, and that’s well taken care of. The setting up process is also pretty straightforward courtesy of the provided instructions which offer a clear visual guide to get you up and running

The headset has no strapping along the side, and the headband is elastic. You can use the two adjustment buttons, one at the rear and another focus button on the bottom right-hand corner of the visor and once the screen inside the headset is in focus, you will feel very comfortable, which is key to your enjoyment. Unlike other VR headsets which require you to purchase an expensive graphics card to get you started, all you need is a PlayStation 4’s built-in GPU.

Even better, the Sony PlayStation VR has only a single cable coming from the headset which should be pretty terrific.  The only thing you will need to do is ensure that you are comfortable before you start your virtual reality journey. This headset is consumer friendly and minimal on cable, and for $ 400, you can purchase this baby from Amazon and experience a whole new world.

HTC Vive

Another excellent VR headset, the HTC Vive is a reliable option in its own right.  This headset is specially built for room scale experiences and comes with precise, 360-degree controller and headset tracking. This translates to realistic movements and actions which give you a personal VR experience.

Besides, the headset allows you to create a dedicated room scale play area which enables you to play where you are most comfortable; seated, standing, or physically walk around the room. It also comes with a Chaperone system which lets you know about the boundaries of your play area, and the front-facing 720p camera will come in handy as you will know what’s in your real world, enabling you to sit and grab a drink without having to remove the headsets. The double OLED display has a combined pixel value of 2160 * 1200. You will also be able to enjoy over 1500 games powered by the Stream VR platform. All this at an affordable $500.  Now would be a good time to buy the headset.

Oculus Rift

This is specially built for people who want a premium VR experience at a discounted price.  This headset has matured since its release. They added Touch controllers, sensors, and six free apps with hours of entertainment to make the headset more competitive, but the main reason you should go for this product is its significant and permanent price drop to an affordable $400 (touch controllers included). This is not pocket change in itself, but relatively inexpensive considering it’s a VR headset we are talking about.

The Rift is a piece of art in itself, with fabric that covers the entirety of the head-mounted display, and the headset looks sleek with little in the way of components, but that’s only telling half the story. Each of its components feels light yet durable, with everything tightly screwed together. The straps may be a bit rugged than those of competitors, but they are also smaller. On top of this, its padding holds up better than the Vive’s, which becomes discolored almost immediately.

It also stacks a resolution of 2,160 x 1,200 pixels, is comfortable and it easy to set up and use. You may have a problem with motion sickness, which will come as a lingering sense of vertigo to some while to others it can be very uncomfortable. But with $400, you get the VR headset, the controllers, a couple of external sensors and free games which should be enough incentives for you to make the purchase.

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a VR headset that even your grandmother can use, and that’s actually a good thing. Most VR headsets require you to have the technical know how to set up the sensors as well as related software/drivers. Also, they require a strong gaming PC to run them. You won’t need to worry about any of that with Oculus Go; all you need to do is charge it, put it on your face, and you are ready to go. Pop that headset, use remote like controllers (that will instantly feel familiar), play and enjoy a virtual reality world.

Not only is Oculus Go portable, but it’s also completely wireless. You won’t be tripping over anything. It may come with only three-degrees-of movement meaning you won’t be able to walk around when on VR, but it is indeed suitable for people with limited mobility (again, your grandmother comes to mind). The Go launches with 1000 VR games application and also comes with an ever-improving Facebook-integration for VR socializing. The thing is, VR experience needs to look beyond just gamers and tech-heads and with an untethered headset and affordable price ($199 for the version with 32GB of onboard storage, and $249 for the 64GB variety), this is certainly a headset worth considering.

Samsung Gear VR

Electronics giant Samsung was the first to mobile VR but was beaten to motion controls by Google’s Daydream View headset. However, the company enlisted the help of Oculus to deliver a credible VR experience via the Samsung Gear VR.

The Gear comes with wonderful straps which hold it firmly on your head, and the foam cushioning helps in keeping too much light from creeping in and ruining your experience. The Samsung brand is synonymous with comfort and class, and that’s exactly what the Samsung Gear VR is all about.

And nothing screams comfort like the controller, which feels just like a remote control and helps you navigate through games and also use it as a gamepad with a trigger to win battles. The buttons are easy to pick out, and you don’t need to remove your headsets. The trigger button will also help in holding and gripping objects in VR naturally. Well, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners may be used to performing such tasks with sophisticated controllers, but having the same concept brought down to cheaper mobile versions is so refreshing.

However, the Samsung Gear VR is only compatible with Samsung mobile devices which means you may have to purchase one for a few hundred bucks.

The controller on itself costs $39 and $129 together with the headset. That alone should be enough for you to consider this product.


Those are some of the best VR headsets 2019. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gaming or a little VR porn experience, the above products will suit your needs. Just pick one that fulfills your expectations and more importantly, suits your budget and you will be good to go.