Porn, apart from being illicit, is a perfect way of relieving stress and exploring your sexual fantasies, it can also inspire a career change. I can confidently tell you that your brother and your high school maths teacher have sometimes asked themselves ‘wait, what does it take to be a porn star?’ ‘Do I have what it takes to make it big if I were one?’

Before I dig deeper into this issue, let us go through what it takes to become a male porn star, I will start with what seems rather obvious: it takes a lot of HARD WORK to make it in the porn industry. Just like any other performance-related field, it involves a lot of cut-throat competition. It is a long journey that requires you to stay on top of the game for as long as you can before the big companies replace you with younger studs who are fresh in the game and have more to offer. You may also be forced to drop your name for a new alias. In a nutshell, it is NOT easy.

Do I need to apply?

That’s the question that rings in the minds of many wannabe porn stars. Well, if you are planning on moving into the adult entertainment industry and build your profile, applying is quite just a waste of time. This is not the typical 9-5 job that you apply for once you are done with college. As a man, there are simply no companies for you to apply. The thing is, when you send your email to a producer or organization, the chances are that it will get trashed even before they open it.

Ryan Driller, a renowned porn star says he works with producers every day and he can authoritatively say that they don’t read their emails. Probably, the assumption is your email contains some video featuring a pot-bellied guy and a micro dick and possibly very poor grammar. To answer your question, don’t bother applying to the big companies. You can have better use of your time.

Try an agency

Don’t even think about companies, whether big or small. The best route to use is the agency route. All you need is probably some three photos of your full body, face, and then one with your clothes on. Once (if) they are impressed with that, they will ask to see what else you have to offer and with a bit of luck, you will get on their site.

What’s more, you may even be lucky enough if they throw you one of their girls who is shooting content for her website and you will be given a chance to shoot with her. It is important to note that you won’t get remunerated for that, but hey, money should be the least of your concerns at this juncture. At least you will be getting a chance to show that you can perform. If you impress them, your journey of becoming a porn star will have started. A word of caution though, the porn industry can be quite unforgiving, and there are simply no second chances. Its either you step up or step out.

Choosing a stage name

This may not be an essential thing in the industry but trust me, it matters. A few decades ago, when porn was not as readily available on the internet as it is now, having a good stage name was important. Back then, it was used as a way of shielding one’s identity from family and friends. The porn industry was something new in the entertainment world. Thanks to the internet that is no longer the case. You will get discovered and called one way or the other. There won’t be anywhere for you to hide. This, however, does not mean that you cannot choose a stage name for yourself. Just make sure it is easy to spell, write it. You want people remembering your name and not referring to you as ‘that guy in that video’. You want to go viral, you know.  So, remember to keep it simple and interesting.

Things you have to consider

Well, if you feel you are all pumped up and ready to take on the world as a porn star, there are serious personal and professional ramifications for your career. You need to consider the following things if you are all about making your dick your tool of work.

1)   Inform your people

Trust me; this is very important. The last thing you want is to hold awkward and embarrassing conversations with your loved ones about your choice of career. Your dirty little secret will be out the moment your first scene is released anyway.  It’s good if you inform your mother, your girlfriend, her mother, your sister, and anybody you feel is important to your life. You don’t want the story coming from your ex or her friends.

2)   Forget your ego

Being a male porn star may be exciting but make no mistake, it can also be a humbling experience. It is not all about you anymore. Actually, 99% of the time, the scene is about the girl, and you will rarely get noticed. All the producers are interested in is that you deliver a good scene. What they want may not be necessarily what you want or like. Kindly note that nobody is interested in you personally, you just happen to be a male performer.

3)   Are you dynamic?

There is no nicer way of asking, are you ready and willing to do everything you are asked to do and when you are asked to do it? Are you ready to give the naughty world whatever it asks of you? If no, you may as well shelf your aspirations of being a pornstar for good.

The reason there are many successful male porn stars is that they are willing to take the direction they are thrown into consistently. Like I mentioned earlier, there are no second chances in this industry. The industry can do without you. Simply put, you are dispensable.

PornDude’s final words

Are you still considering your thoughts on joining the porn industry as a male pornstar? I’m hoping you have found this article helpful. And who can say that the pay is not worth all the hassle? It is an excellent chance for you to make some good money. Some top actors get $35,000 per month. Not too bad, is it?

ThePornDude wishes you all the best!